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After the powerpack inaugural race of round one of the Polo R Cup we are back with the second race right from the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. The first race was full of turns and twists which were luckily ended by the race win of Avdumber Hede. This time there was a change in grid position and driver Ajay Kini started first at the grid with Alisha Abdullah and Diego Duez at the second and third position respectively.

The top three grid positioners were racing very hard to win the race but Diego Duez who started third on the grid, took an early lead by passing Ajay and Alisha and maintained it till the end of the race. He finished the race with the total time of 19:17.543 seconds. But this time the podium was very different as compared to the race one coz Alisha was fighting for the second position with Prashant Singh and she successfully managed to claim the second position with the total timing of 19:24.290 seconds. The debutant Prashant Singh finished in 3rd position in his first Polo R Cup round with the timing of 19:24.881 seconds and the pole sitter Ajay has to satisfy with 4th position due to his poor start.

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